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13 Décembre 2008

Sortie du nouvel album début 2009

Après une année 2008 remplie d'incertitudes, JJ a décidé de sortir son nouvel album "The Boy Who Didn't Fall" en indépendant l'année prochaine et d'entamer une tournée pour le promouvoir. Il vous est possible de pré-commander l'album en cliquant sur cette adress email et en y laissant votre nom et adresse email. Vous serez contacté dès que la sortie sera imminente.


JJ has have decided that he will release thenew album "The Boy Who Didn't Fall" independently early in the new year and also will tour to promote it. You can pre-order the album now by clicking on this email address and leaving your name and email address details, then you'll be contacedt whenJJ will be ready to go with the release.


22 Octobre 2008

Retrouvez JJ Gilmour sur Facebook. Une page vient juste d'y être crée. Join JJ Gilmour's page on Facebook, which has just been created.

9 Juin 2008

Des titres de JJ Gilmour gratuits!!!!... Si chacun d'entre vous fait suivre l'email contenant les chansons à au moins dix amis, et si ces dix personnes l'envoient à leur tour à dix autres personnes (10 x 10 = 100)... et si chacune de ces 100 personnes l'envoient à dix autres (100 x 10 = 1,000)... et ainsi de suite, au bout de six messages nous devrions atteindre plus d'UN MILLION de personnes ! Si ce million de personne apprécie les titres et les fait suivre à dix amis, 10 millions de personnes auront été contactées! N'hésitez donc pas à envoyer un email pour recevoir vos titres gratuits des maintenant à

Free songs from JJ Gilmour!!!!... If each of you forward the email containing the songs I send you to at least ten of your friends and those ten people send it to ten of their friends (10 x 10 = 100)... and those 100 send it to at least ten more (100 x 10 = 1,000) ... and so on, by the time the Message reaches the sixth generation of people we will have reached over 1 MILLION listeners! If those one million get excited and pass this on to ten friends each, then 10 million people will have been contacted! Remember email for your free songs now to

18 Janvier 2008

Bonne année à toutes et tous!!! Le succès du nouveau single "If You Don't Give Me Love" se confirme sur tous les sites de téléchargements légaux. Il vous d'ailleurs possible de l'acquérir en cliquant ici.

Happy New Year to all!!! The success of the new single "If You Don't Give Me Love" is still increasing on the different sites. By the way, you can get it and chose your platform if you click here.

24 Décembre 2007

Le nouveau single vient d'atteindre la première page sur iTune partout en Europe. Si on se connecte sur iTune et si on cherche sur les sorties pop, on y trouve alors le single!!!!


The single has hit the frontpage in iTune all across Europe. If you open up iTune and then hit the pop releases you'll see the single there!!!!


29 Juillet 2007

Voici en avant première la couverture du prochain single "if you don't give me love" qui sortira très prochainement. Le contrat est donc maintenant signé chez ADN/Universal France!!!

Here is the cover of the new single "if you don't give me love" which will be released pretty soon. The deal has now been signed with ADN/Universal France!!!



14 Juille 2007

Il semble que ce mois-ci est le bon pour la sortie du nouveau single "If You Don't Give Me Love". La maison de disque est pressée de le sortir et de la voir diffusé sur les ondes cette semaine mais il pourrait y avoir un tout petit retard. Quoi qu'il en soit il devrait est lancé très prochainement en France, suivi par la Belgique et l'Italie. Pour le moment, pas de sortie prévue ppour le Royaume Uni, car il faut encorey trouver un label intéressant.

Cela signifie également que nous serons en studio trrès prochainement afin de terminer le second album solo, dont le titre provisoire est "The Boy Who Didn't Fall". Je suis maintenant très impatient de le terminer. J'enregistre cet albuym avec Graeme Duffin (le guitariste de Wet Wet Wet) et de son partenaire Sandy Jones.

Revenez vite sur ce site, il devrait y avoir d'autres nouvelles très prochainement.

Luv luv luv.



29 Mars 2007

C'est avec une profonde tristesse que nous venons d'apprendre que Cha nous a quitté lundi 26 Mars. Il venait tout juste d'avoir 50 ans. Guitariste virtuose des Silencers, il a joué avec Jinky à partir de l'album "Dance to the Holy Man".

It is with a great sadness that we inform you that Cha passed to the next world in March 26th. He was hardly 50.He was the great guitarist of the Silencers, and Jinky played with him from the album "Dance to the Holy Man".

Février 2007

A few T-shirts from the famous great show at ABC Glasgow in February 9th are still available. It is possible to order them through Jinky / JJ Gilmour 's official website (all sizes available). The T-shirts are really nice! For any information, and to order them, send a mail to
Il reste quelques T-shirts du fameux concert des Silencers au grand complet à Glasgow ABC le 9 Février dernier. Il est possible d'en commander (toutes les tailles sont disponibles via le site officiel de Jinky / JJ Gilmour. Les T-shirts sont vraiment superbes! Pour toute info, envoyer un mail à


february 23rd

hi all this is the shirts we had made for the silencers gig we had for our dear friend and guitarist cha burns. these shirts will soon be on sale on my shop here at this website. all of the proceeds will go to help cha in his fight with cancer. you can send me an an email now if you would like to purchase any of these shirts. they are a one off shirt and depict the date on the front of the shirt the city and venue abc glasgow 9th february. i can take orders now if you email me to stating the sizes and amount you would like and we'll work it out from there till we get it on my shop then it's a simple paypal purchase. all the best jj xx

february 21

well folks as i said on my previous latest news blog it's a case of leaving the live set up and getting back to the studio as soon as possible to get the new album finished. we're (graeme sandy and i) a good bit on already having finished a new song called "if you don't give me love" and also editing it as that is going to be the first single release in italy and france!! well hopefully that's the plan anyway. the guitars are at the ready and after our meeting in paris tomorrow i should have a clearer picture of the times and release dates. there's also talk of a video for this track to be shot soon too. the working title for the album is "the boy who didn't fall" i'm sure one or two of you will know the song with this title and the wee boy on the right is the chap himself. i think the last gig with the silencers was the perfect closure for me as the last time i gigged with the band i wasn't in any frame to be doing anything. so now i feel it has given me a clear path to get going finally with this new chapter of my music career. the new record company seem very keen and are already talking about dates in italy and france to promote this new single and album. i think the first things we'll be doing though is the radio stations. i'll keep you all clued up of where i'm going so you can hopefully tune in online and listen to some of the live sessions i may do. i just want to thank you all once again for your true support over the last few years, i can't do any of this without fans and people who like my music. i must tell you all it's good to be back home in jersey where i'm having a little bit of a chill out after our crazy end to the year in skye which was a blast. there's lots more news to follow so stick with me luv luv luv jj xxx

february 15th

well my dear friends it's a good time to fill you all in with my recent news. some of you may know that prior to my now career as a solo singer i was with a great band called the silencers for 7 years . in that band we had a great guitar player by the name of cha burns. the sad news is cha isn't too well at the moment and is right in the throws of advanced lung cancer. so what could we do? well like most musician's there isn't much more we can do apart from playing our instruments and singing, so with that in mind we held a concert for cha last friday 9th february 2007 at glasgow's abc. 1300 of you lovely folks quickly snapped up tickets and before you could say "burns night" we had ourselves a full swinging gig. we rehearsed for 3 days before at berkeley 2 studios and then did a quick run through the more troublesome tunes @ the venue the night before the gig. then came the gig itself, i gotta tell you all it couldn't have went better if we had george orwell planning it for us. it was a gas. that brings me round to sincerely thanking all the band members and to johnny ramsay all @ efx audio, davie robertson, bomber jackson, brian carrol, roddy and andy from stagestorm filming, steve cheyne @ berkeley 2, phil byrne, bruce findlay, mark mackie and the regular possie, the aide's for great t shirts and stuart green and billy mearns who ended up possibly the drunkest man at the gig. if i've missed anyone please don't be offended it was such a full on week that i can barely remeber it all. on the sunday after the show we went along and did one last radio clyde session with all the members it was braw. andy wilkinson had travelled up from a chris de burgh gig and kindly drove me home. though not till after we had a few bevvies at the marriot where cha had been staying all week. cha braved his injuries all week to play like we all knew he would well done P.A.L p.s we had some great one off t shirts on sale last friday. they didn't sell out and i've brought them home to sell on line. they are in all sizes black with the picture of all the amps and guitars exactly like the one on the left. i'll get them up on my shop asap but meantime if your interested email me on and we'll sort it out for ya. x x peace and "planet before profit" as our dear cha used to say so now it's back to jj gilmour duties. i've recorded the first single for the possible release in europe in early april? tbc and i've also recorded 3 new backing tracks over at graeme, sandy and teds studio the foundry music lab in motherwell. it's going great and can't wait to get it out to you all. meantime now that i'm back in jersey i'll keep you a little bit more posted on new developments till then take care luv luv luv jj xxx

Novembre 2006

hello my dear friends it's nice to report to you that it's been a busy two weeks since i last wrote to you all. i've been in demo recording some new material. the good news is it looks like i will now go into the studio in scotland with my good friend graeme duffin and his team to start work on my new album. yes we finally at last have set a date in early december to start work on "the boy who didn't fall" the working title for the new album. our meetings in europe have went well and providing all goes to plan we could have a release date for my new record early in the new year. i am extremely excited about this. it's been almost 4 years since my last record and the material i have for the new one i feel is as strong as anything on sunnyside P.A.L i hope you will all support me on this new venture. this is where i need all your valued support more than ever so we can show the business people that jj gilmour does have a value in the music business. i also hope you will come and support us at the december dates we have organised in scotland. dates can be found on the tour dates page on this site. come see us in perth, foress, glasgow and up in skye bringing in the new year. skye is stunning and i can think of no better place than skye for a gathering of fans and friends alike to welcome a new in another year. meantime keep the faith and more news will follow soon. luv luv luv jj gilmour xxx

hello mes chers amis, c'est super de vous dire que les deux dernières demaines ont été très chargées. j'ai enregistré le smaquettes de nouvelles chansons. la bonne nouvelles c'est que je devrais aller en studio en écosse avec mon grand ami graeme duffin et son équipe afin de commencer le nouvel album. oui, nous avons finalement trouvé une date pour commencer à travailler sur "the boy who didn't fall", le titre provisoire du nouvel album. les rencontres sur le continent se sont bien passées et il semble que nous pourrions avoir une date de sortie pour le prochain album au début de l'année prochaine. je suis ravi de tout ça. il s'est passé presque quatre ans depuis mon dernier album et les chansons que j'ai pour le prochain album sont tout aussi fortes que toutes celles de sunnyside P.A.L. j'espère que vous me soutiendrez tous dans cette nouvelle aventure. j'espère également que vous viendrez aux dates que nous avons organisées en décembre en écosse. les dates sont disponibles dans la section concerts de ce site. venez nous voir à perth, foress, glasgow, et à skye. je crois qu'il n'y a pas pas de meilleur endroit que skye pour un rassemblement de fans et d'amis. gardez la foi, d'autres nouvelles devraient suivre prochainement. luv luv luv jj gilmour xxx

28 April 2006

new official website on line soon... a few pages are already available, the whole site would be working perfectly well pretty soon. (note also a new online shop, with brand new T-shirts).

nouveau site officiel prochainement en ligne... quelques pages sont déjà disponibles, l'ensemble du site devrait être opérationnel très prochainement. (à noter également une nouvelle boutique en ligne avec des nouveaux T-shirts).

28 March 2006

hi folks there are a few dates for you to look at on the tour dates page. there is also info for the new years eve party and jan 1st gig we planned for the isle of skye in scotland. that info can be found for now on the community page. skye really is a stunning island. we also have some of the dates listed now for the steven seagal (yes the american actor) tour of america in may and june and which i'm proud to say i will be part of. we hope to list soon a couple of festivals in the summer too. luv luv luv jj x

salut tout le monde, il y a de nouvelles dates sur la page concerts. il y a également un projet pour le prochain nouvel an et le 1er janvier. pour une manifestation sur l'île de skye en écosse. vous trouverez plus d'infos sur la page "community". skye est une île véritablement fantastique. nous avons également des dates pour la tournée de steven seagal (oui oui, l'acteur américain) en mai et en juin et je suis fier d'annoncer que je serai de la partie. nous espérons aussi boucler quelques festivals pour cette été. luv luv luv jj x

13 March 2006

hi everyone it is with a sad heart that i inform you of the passing of the legend jimmy "jinky" johnstone. jimmy died today the 13th march. he was my sporting hero and hailed from the same part of the world (lanarkshire) as i did. he was also a man i had the pleasure of sharing celtic football park with. i had the honour to play with some celtic greats from the past and with my sporting hero jimmy at paul mcstay's testimonial match on the evening of the 12th dec 1995. my sympathys go out to jimmy's wife, family and friends. jinky was voted the greatest celt ever in a worldwide ballot, a true mark of how good the man was. god rest you wee man luv luv luv james "jinky" gilmour

10 January 2006

hi everyone just a little note to say we are puuting plans together to hopefully play live in scotland and france in the next couple of months. i will also be in scotland in feb in perthshire as i plan to record a complete acoustic version of sunnyside P.A.L with the original b sides of the singles and 1 or 2 bonus tracks. this will be available i hope around april may just before we plan our american trip. all of this and other updates will follow shortly

luv luv luv j x

Salut tout le monde. Juste un petit mot pour dire que nous sommes en train de travailler sur des projets de concerts en Ecosse et en France pour les mois à venir. Je serai également en Ecosse à Perthshire en Février pour enregistrer une version acoustique de Sunnyside P.A.L. avec les B-sides des singles originaux et 1 ou 2 morceaux bonus. J'espère que ce sera disponible aux alentours d'Avril ou Mai, juste avant notre projet de voyage aux Etats-Unis. D'autres mises à jour devraient suivre très procahinement.

luv luv luv j x


14 November 2005

my dear folks i return to my roots for a xmas gig on the 11th of dec @ abc2 glasgow a great venue and a great bunch of players too band. joining me will be antonio soave on drums ( old silencers chum ) jamie maclean on box and percussion (old dunkeld chum) phil kane on piano and keys (old silencers chum) mario caribe on double bass (old brazilian chum) and graeme duffin on guitar (old wet wet wet chum) it should be a good one. so come long and bring your xmas crackers too. ticket details from or from

24 August 2005

New gig dates (for Scotland) on line : click here.

Nouvelles dates de concert (pour l'Ecosse) en ligne : cliquez ici.

2 August 2005

New gates should be announced soon in scotland : possible dates are Forress and Ullapool dates in September. In the United States it looks like something will take place maybe in October. Dates will be added in the "tour dates" section as soon as possible when we have a confirmation of this.

De nouvelles dates devraient être annoncées prochainement en ecosse : les dates probables sont Foress et Ullapool en Septembre. Aux Etats Unis, il devrait y avoir quelque chose, sans doute en Octobre. On ajoutera les dates dans la page "tour dates" dès que possible, dès qu'elle seront confirmées.

7 May 2005

JJ will be performing live on Radio Clyde in Glasgow this sunday evening around 8 PM (UK time). It will be on line at (Billy Sloan show)

JJ va jouer en direct sur radio Clyde in Glasgow dimanche prochain vers 20 heures (heure britannique). Ce sera en ligne sur (Billy Sloan show)

14 April 2005

It's now official : JJ Gilmour will be managed by Miles Copeland (Sting's manager...).

C'est maintenant officiel : le nouveau manager de JJ Gilmour sera Miles Copeland (le manager de Sting, entre autres...).